Steven Seow

Steven Seow

Executive Director

Singapore Consultancy

Steven Seow is the founder and executive director of Singapore Consultancy. He has more than 16 years of working experience in banking and consulting.

Previously,he wasthe Asia head of wealth management for Mercer during 2013-2017. Prior to joining Mercer, he was in EY advisory for 5 years. Over the course of his career, he has also worked in Citi Private Bank, IBM, PwC Consulting and Odyssey.

Steven speaks regularly at various wealth management industry forums in Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. He also interviews regularly with the media. On a few occasions, he wrote for the Opinion and Editorial section of Business Times.

Across his career, Steven works with banks, insurance companies, independent financial advisors and family offices. He covers various domains in investments, risk management, regulatory compliance, operating model design, product design, customer value proposition, process improvement and technology enhancement.

Steven also actively volunteers for non profit organizations. He is passionate about solving problems related to manpower, healthcare and inter-generational poverty with a special focus on raising social mobility for children.

He is currently a investment finance board committee member of SATA CommHealth, and also the chairman of Diabetes Singapore Audit and Governance sub committee. He is also involved in South Central Community Family Service Centre, MILK, New Life Community Services, RSVP, Cashew Constituency Citizens Consultative Committee and Cashew PAP Community Foundation. Steven is also an elected member of PAP Policy Forum council and is the lead council member for Manpower government parliamentary committee related matters. Recently, he was elected to join PAP North West District Committee.

Steven graduated from University of London with a Msc in Financial Economics. Prior to that, he received a BA in Economics from National University of Singapore. He has also passed CFA level 1 and 2; as well as CFP module 1-5.