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First State InvestmentsProvider of the Year – Offshore
Income Partners Asset Management (HK) LimitedProvider of the Year – Onshore
First State InvestmentsBest Equity House
Income Partners Asset Management (HK) LimitedBest Fixed Income House
Schroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) LimitedBest Multi-Asset Investment House
Allianz Global InvestorsBrand of the Year
BNP Paribas Asset ManagementBest Sustainable Investment Award (Overall Leader)
First State InvestmentsBest Sustainable Investment Award (Overall Leader)
Aberdeen Standard InvestmentsOutstanding Sustainable Investment Award (Overall Leader)
Allianz Global InvestorsOutstanding Sustainable Investment Award (Overall Leader)
RobecoOutstanding Sustainable Investment Award (Overall Leader)
BNP Paribas Asset ManagementOutstanding Sustainable Impact Award
Morgan Stanley Investment ManagementOutstanding Values Alignment Award

This award aims to recognize an individual who has led his/her team to outstanding performances over the consistency of three-year and five-year performances against the benchmark and their peers, and how they have managed their mandates with excellent stewardship in safeguarding shareholders’ capital, grew the size of the fund/mandate without compromising safety and returns.

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Asia Fixed IncomeKen Hu, Invesco Hong Kong Manager of the Year
Asia Fixed Income
Emil Nguy, Income Partners Asset Management
Outstanding Manager Award
Asia Fixed Income
Pheona Tsang, BEA Union Investment Management Limited
Outstanding Manager Award
Asia Fixed Income
Ooi Boon Peng, Eastspring Investments
Outstanding Manager Award
Asia EquityMartin Lau, First State InvestmentsManager of the Year
Europe Equity
Michael Fraikin and Thorsten Paarmann, Invesco Hong KongManager of the Year
Global EquityKristian Heugh, Morgan Stanley Investment ManagementManager of the Year
Greater China EquityJacky Choi, Zeal Asset Management LimitedManager of the Year
Greater China EquityCheah Cheng Hye and Louis So, Value Partners Hong Kong Limited
Outstanding Manager Award
High Yield Fixed IncomeGordon Ip, Value Partners Hong Kong LimitedManager of the Year
High Yield Fixed Income
Raymond Gui, Income Partners Asset Management
Outstanding Manager Award
High Yield Fixed Income
Doug Forsyth, Jim Dudnick and Steven Gish, Allianz Global Investors
Outstanding Manager Award
Multi Asset StrategiesPaul Causer, Paul Read and Stephanie Butcher, Invesco Hong Kong
Outstanding Manager Award

These awards recognize players of the different asset classes and strategies that have delivered sustained consistent out-performance on a risk-adjusted basis with a clear, coherent and sustainable 3-steps methodology and by following the 5-prong criteria.

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    Asia EquityHSBC Global Asset Management
    Outstanding Achiever
    Asia ex-Japan EquityBlackRock Asset Management North Asia LimitedBest-in-Class
    Asia ex-Japan EquityFirst State InvestmentsOutstanding Achiever
    Asia ex-Japan Equity
    Schroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited
    Outstanding Achiever
    China A-Shares EquityAllianz Global InvestorsBest-in-Class
    China A-Shares EquityFirst State InvestmentsOutstanding Achiever
    China EquityFirst State InvestmentsBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets EquityT. Rowe PriceOutstanding Achiever
    Europe EquityStandard Life Investments (Hong Kong) LimitedBest-in-Class
    Europe EquityJanus Henderson InvestorsOutstanding Achiever
    Europe Equity
    Investec Asset Management Hong Kong Limited
    Outstanding Achiever
    Global EquityMorgan Stanley Investment ManagementBest-in-Class
    Global EquityT. Rowe PriceOutstanding Achiever
    Global Equity IncomeColumbia Threadneedle InvestmentsOutstanding Achiever
    Greater China EquitySchroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) LimitedBest-in-Class
    Greater China Equity
    Invesco Hong Kong
    Outstanding Achiever
    Hong Kong EquityManulife Asset ManagementBest-in-Class
    India EquityFirst State Investments
    Japan EquityJanus Henderson InvestorsBest-in-Class
    Japan EquityAllianz Global Investors
    Outstanding Achiever
    Japan EquityEastspring Investments
    Outstanding Achiever
    US Large-Cap EquityNo Qualified WinnersN/A
    US Small/Mid-Cap EquityRobecoBest-in-Class
    US Small/Mid-Cap EquityColumbia Threadneedle InvestmentsOutstanding Achiever
    Consumer SectorInvesco Hong KongBest-in-Class
    Healthcare SectorBlackRock Asset Management North Asia LimitedBest-in-Class
    Property SectorNeuberger Berman Asia LimitedBest-in-Class
    Technology SectorColumbia Threadneedle InvestmentsBest-in-Class
    Technology SectorFranklin Templeton InvestmentsOutstanding Achiever
    Technology SectorT. Rowe PriceOutstanding Achiever
    Asia Fixed IncomeBEA Union Investment Management LimitedBest-in-Class
    China Fixed IncomeBOCHK Asset Management LimitedBest-in-Class
    China Fixed IncomeIncome Partners Asset ManagementOutstanding Achiever
    China Fixed Income – RQFIINo Qualified WinnersN/A
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeNeuberger Berman Asia LimitedBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeT. Rowe PriceOutstanding Achiever
    Global Fixed IncomeSchroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited
    Outstanding Achiever
    High Yield Fixed IncomeIncome Partners Asset ManagementBest-in-Class
    High Yield Fixed IncomePrincipal Hong KongOutstanding Achiever
    RMB Fixed IncomeIncome Partners Asset ManagementBest-in-Class
    RMB Fixed IncomeBOCHK Asset Management LimitedOutstanding Achiever
    US Fixed IncomePrincipal Hong KongBest-in-Class
    Asia AllocationFirst State Investments
    Asia AllocationSchroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) LimitedOutstanding Achiever
    Cautious AllocationsAmundi Hong Kong LimitedBest-in-Class
    Cautious Allocations
    Investec Asset Management Hong Kong Limited
    Outstanding Achiever
    Moderate AllocationCapital GroupBest-in-Class
    Moderate AllocationJanus Henderson InvestorsOutstanding Achiever
    Multi-Asset IncomeNo Qualified WinnersN/A
    Absolute ReturnDouble Haven Capital (Hong Kong) LimitedOutstanding Achiever
    Long/Short EquityZeal Asset Management LimitedBest-in-Class
    Multi-AlternativeLegg Mason Asset Management Hong Kong LimitedBest-in-Class
    Private Equity – Fund Of FundsNo Qualified WinnersN/A

BENCHMARK is pleased to announce the TOP performing funds for this year’s BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards.

See Methodology
  • CategoryFund Name基金名稱Award Status
    ASEAN EquityJPMorgan ASEAN (acc) – USD摩根東協(美元)(累計)Best-in-Class
    Asia ex-Japan EquityBGF Asian Growth Leaders A2RF USD貝萊德全球基金 – 亞洲增長型領先基金 A2 USDBest-in-Class
    Asia-Pacific ex-Japan EquityOld Mutual Pacific Equity A USD Acc先機亞太股票基金 – A1Best-in-Class
    Asia-Pacific ex-Japan EquityFirst State Asian Eq Plus I USD Inc首域環球傘子基金-首域亞洲股本優點基金 I IncOutstanding Achiever
    Asia-Pacific ex-Japan EquityPrincipal Asia Pac High Div Eq信安亞太高息股票基金IncOutstanding Achiever
    Asia-Pacific incl Japan EquityJPMorgan Pacific Sec (acc) – USD摩根太平洋證券(美元)(累計)Best-in-Class
    China EquityUBS (Lux) EF China Oppo (USD) P瑞銀(盧森堡)中國精選股票PBest-in-Class
    China Equity – A SharesAllianz China A-Shares AT USD安聯神洲A股基金 – ATBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets EquityRobeco Emerging Markets Equities D €荷寶新興市場股票 D 歐元Best-in-Class
    Emerging Markets EquityAB FCP I Emerging Markets Gr A Acc聯博-新興市場增長基金AOutstanding Achiever
    Emerging Markets EquityBGF Emerging Markets Eq Inc A2 USD貝萊德全球基金 – 新興市場股票入息基金 A2Outstanding Achiever
    Europe Large-Cap EquityInvestec GSF European Eq A Inc USD天達GSF歐洲股票 A 收益股份Best-in-Class
    Europe Large-Cap EquityPineBridge FS – Europe Equity (Prov)柏瑞基金系列 – 柏瑞歐洲股票基金Outstanding Achiever
    Europe Small/Mid-Cap Equity Henderson Horizon PanEurp SmrComs A2€Acc亨德森遠見基金 泛歐小型公司基金-A2Best-in-Class
    Europe Small/Mid-Cap Equity Baring Europe Select A GBP Inc霸菱歐洲精選基金 – GBPOutstanding Achiever
    Eurozone Large-Cap EquityTempleton Euroland A(acc)EUR鄧普頓歐元區基金A (acc)EURBest-in-Class
    Global Equity Small/Mid-CapInvesco Global Smaller Coms Eq A USD Acc景順環球小型企業基金 A USD ACCBest-in-Class
    Global Equity Small/Mid-CapOld Mutual World Equity A USD Acc先機環球股票基金 – AOutstanding Achiever
    Global Large-Cap Blend EquityBOC-P Global Equity Provident中銀保誠環球股票基金Best-in-Class
    Global Large-Cap Growth EquityT. Rowe Price Global Focused Gr Eq A USD普信環球焦點增長股票基金 A USDBest-in-Class
    Global Large-Cap Value EquityEastspring Inv World Val Eq A瀚亞投資 – 全球價值股票基金 – ABest-in-Class
    Greater China EquityUBS (Lux) EF Greater China (USD) P瑞銀(盧森堡)大中華股票基金PBest-in-Class
    Hong Kong EquityBOC-P HK Equity Provident中銀保誠香港股票基金Best-in-Class
    India EquityJupiter India Select L USD A Inc木星印度精選基金 USDBest-in-Class
    India EquityFirst State Indian Subcontnt II USD Acc首域環球傘子基金-首域印度次大陸基金 IIOutstanding Achiever
    Japan Large-Cap EquityJPMorgan Japan (Yen) (acc) – JPY摩根日本(日圓)基金Best-in-Class
    Japan Large-Cap EquityGAM Star Japan Equity B EUR AccGAM Star基金-日本股票基金 – EUR AccOutstanding Achiever
    Japan Small/Mid-Cap EquityHenderson Horizon Jpns Smr Coms A2$ Acc亨德森遠見基金 日本小型公司基金-A2Best-in-Class
    Korea EquityJPMorgan Korea (acc) – USD摩根南韓(美元)(累計)Best-in-Class
    Thailand EquityJPMorgan Thailand (acc) – USD摩根泰國(美元)(累計)Best-in-Class
    US Large-Cap Blend EquityHSBC American Index Retail AccBest-in-Class
    US Large-Cap Blend EquityPineBridge FS – US Equity (Prov)柏瑞基金系列 – 柏瑞美國股票基金Outstanding Achiever
    US Large-Cap Growth EquityNew Capital US Growth USD Ord Acc創凱美國增長基金USD Ord AccBest-in-Class
    US Large-Cap Growth EquityThreadneedle (Lux) American W天利(盧森堡) – 美國股票基金 – WOutstanding Achiever
    US Large-Cap Value EquityBNY Mellon US Dynamic Value USD A Acc紐約銀行美倫美國動態價值投資基金 ABest-in-Class
  • CategoryFund Name基金名稱Award Status
    Agriculture Sector Equity Amundi Fds CPR Global Agriculture AU-CCPR 環球農業基金 AU-CBest-in-Class
    Consumer Goods & Services Sector Equity Invesco Global Leisure A USD Acc景順消閒基金 – ABest-in-Class
    Ecology Sector Equity UBS (Lux) EF Glbl Sust Innovtr EUR P瑞銀(盧森堡)全球創新趨勢股票基金 PBest-in-Class
    Healthcare Sector Equity BGF World Healthscience A2貝萊德全球基金 – 世界健康科學基金 – A2Best-in-Class
    Real Estate Sector EquityHenderson Horizon PanEurpPtyEqs A2€Acc亨德森遠見基金 泛歐地產股票基金-A2Best-in-Class
    Technology Sector Equity Threadneedle (Lux) Global Technology AU天利(盧森堡) – 全球科技基金 – AUBest-in-Class
    Technology Sector Equity Fidelity Global Technology A-Dis-EUR富達基金-環球科技基金 – AOutstanding Achiever
  • CategoryFund Name基金名稱Award Status
    Asia Fixed IncomeBEA Union Inv Asia Pacific Inv Grd Bd A東亞聯豐亞太區投資級別債券基金 ABest-in-Class
    Asia Fixed IncomePineBridge FS – Asian Bond (Prov)柏瑞基金系列 – 柏瑞亞洲債券基金Outstanding Achiever
    Asia High Yield Fixed IncomeBEA Union Inv Asian Bd &Ccy A Acc東亞聯豐投資系列-東亞聯豐亞洲債券及貨幣基金 A 累積Best-in-Class
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeBGF Emerging Markets Bond A1貝萊德全球基金 – 新興市場債券基金 – A1 USDBest-in-Class
    Global Fixed IncomePIMCO GIS Income E Acc USDPIMCO收益基金 E USD AccBest-in-Class
    High Yield Fixed IncomeHSBC GIF Global High Yield Bond AM2匯豐環球投資基金 – 環球高收益債券 AM USDBest-in-Class
    HKD Fixed IncomeBEA Union Investment HK Dollar HKD Bd A東亞聯豐港元債券基金 A AccBest-in-Class
    Other Fixed IncomeValue Partners Grt CHN HY In P Acc USD惠理大中華高收益債券基金 P Acc USDBest-in-Class
    US Fixed IncomeAB FCP I Mortgage Income AX Inc聯博-按揭收益基金- AX USD IncBest-in-Class
    USD High Yield Fixed IncomeFidelity US High Yield A-Dis-USD富達基金-美元高收益基金 – ABest-in-Class
  • CategoryFund Name基金名稱Award Status
    Aggressive AllocationHSBC Portfolios World Selection 5 AC匯豐組合 – 環球智選5 ACBest-in-Class
    Asia AllocationJPMorgan China Income (acc) – USD摩根中國入息基金Best-in-Class
    Cautious AllocationHSBC Portfolios World Selection 1 AC匯豐組合–環球智選 1 ABest-in-Class
    Moderate AllocationSchroder Balanced Investment HKD施羅德組合投資基金HKD-ACCBest-in-Class

BENCHMARK is pleased to announce the TOP performing funds for this year’s BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards.

See Methodology
  • CategoryFund Name基金名稱Award Status
    Asia ex-Japan EquityFidelity Asian Smaller Coms Y-Acc-USD富達基金-亞洲小型公司基金 Y-ACC-USDBest-in-Class
    Asia-Pacific ex-Japan EquityHenderson Horizon Asn Div Inc I2 USD Acc亨德森遠見基金 亞洲股票收益基金-I2Best-in-Class
    Asia-Pacific incl Japan EquityInvesco Pacific Equity C USD AD景順太平洋基金 – CBest-in-Class
    China EquityHenderson Horizon China I2 USD Acc亨德森遠見基金 中國躍升基金-I2Best-in-Class
    China Equity – A SharesSchroder China Equity Alpha I施羅德中國進取股票基金 IBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets EquityTempleton BRIC I(acc)USD鄧普頓新興四強基金I (acc)USDBest-in-Class
    Europe Large-Cap EquityAllianz European Equity Div IT EUR安聯歐洲股息基金 ITBest-in-Class
    Europe Small/Mid-Cap EquityInvesco Contin Eurp Sm Cp Eq C USD AD景順歐洲大陸企業基金 – CBest-in-Class
    Global Large-Cap EquityPineBridge Global Focus Equity Y柏瑞環球重點股票基金 YBest-in-Class
    Global Large-Cap EquityCapital Group Global Equity (LUX) XCapital Group全球股票基金 (盧森堡)  X EUROutstanding Achiever
    Greater China EquityChina Sthn Drgn Dy CHN NewBalOp I USD中國新平衡機會基金 I$Best-in-Class
    Healthcare Sector Equity Janus Global Life Sciences I $ Acc駿利資產管理基金 – 駿利環球生命科技基金 I $accBest-in-Class
    Hong Kong EquityBlackRock Hong Kong Equity Index X2貝萊德貝萊德香港股票指數基金X2Best-in-Class
    India EquityInvesco India Equity C USD AD景順印度股票基金 – C-INCBest-in-Class
    India EquityPineBridge India Equity Y柏瑞環球基金-柏瑞印度股票基金 – YOutstanding Achiever
    Japan EquityFidelity Japan Aggressive I-Acc-JPY富達基金 – 機構性日本進取基金Best-in-Class
    US Large-Cap Blend EquityINTECH US Core I $ Acc駿利資產管理基金 – 英達美國重點基金 I $accBest-in-Class
    US Large-Cap Growth EquityWells Fargo (Lux) WF USLrgCpGr I USD AccWells Fargo – 美國大型市值股票增長基金 I USD AccBest-in-Class
  • CategoryFund Name基金名稱Award Status
    Real Estate Sector EquityJanus Global Real Estate I $ Inc駿利資產管理基金 – 駿利環球房地產基金 I $incBest-in-Class
    Technology Sector Equity Janus Global Technology I $ Acc駿利資產管理基金 – 駿利環球科技基金 I $accBest-in-Class
  • CategoryFund Name基金名稱Award Status
    Asia Fixed IncomeInvesco Asian Bond C USD Acc景順亞洲債券基金C ACCBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeInvesco Emerging Markets Bd C USD SD景順新興市場債券基金 – CBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomePIMCO GIS Em Mkts Bd Instl USD AccPIMCO 新興市場債券基金 – INS-ACCOutstanding Achiever
    Global Fixed IncomePIMCO GIS Diversified Inc Inst Acc USDPIMCO多元化入息基金 Inst USDBest-in-Class
    High Yield Fixed IncomePIMCO GIS Global Hi Yld Bd Inst Acc USDPIMCO環球高孳息債券 Ins USD AccBest-in-Class
    US Fixed IncomePIMCO GIS Total Ret Bd Instl USD AccPIMCO總回報債券基金 – INS-ACCBest-in-Class
    USD High Yield Fixed IncomePIMCO GIS US High Yld Bd Inst Acc USDPIMCO高孳息債券基金 – INS-ACCBest-in-Class
  • CategoryFund Name基金名稱Award Status
    ConvertiblesFranklin Glbl Convert Secs I(acc)USD富蘭克林環球可換股證券基金I(acc)USDBest-in-Class