Sun Life Hong Kong LimitedPROVIDER OF THE YEAR

BENCHMARK is pleased to announce the TOP performing funds for this year’s BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards.

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Asia Fixed IncomeAIA MPF Prime Value Choice-Asian Bond Fund友邦強積金優選計劃-亞洲債券基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Asia Pacific ex-Japan EquityManulife Global Select MPF-Pacific Asia Equity宏利環球精選(強積金) 計劃-宏利MPF亞太股票基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Asia Pacific ex-Japan ex-Hong Kong EquityFidelity Retirement MT-Asia Pacific Equity富達退休集成信託-亞太股票基金BEST-IN-CLASS
China EquityBCT (MPF) Pro Choice-BCT (Pro) Greater China EqBCT 積金之選-BCT大中華股票基金BEST-IN-CLASS
China EquityPrincipal MPF S800-China Equity-Class D信安強積金計劃800系列-信安中國股票基金-D類OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
China EquityPrincipal MPF Smart-Principal Dynamic G.China Eq信安強積金明智之選-信安動力大中華股票基金OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Europe EquityBOC-Prudential Easy-Choice MPF S-European Idx Trk中銀保誠簡易強積金計劃-中銀保誠歐洲指數追蹤基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Global EquityAIA MPF Prime Value Choice-World Fund友邦強積金優選計劃-全球基金OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Global EquityBCT (MPF) Pro Choice-BCT (Pro) World EquityBCT 積金之選-BCT世界股票基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Global EquityBOC-Prudential Easy-Choice MPF S-Global Equity中銀保誠簡易強積金計劃-中銀保誠環球股票基金OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Global Fixed IncomeHang Seng MPF-SuperTrust Plus-Global Bond Fund恒生強積金-智選計劃-環球債券基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Global Fixed IncomeHSBC MPF-SuperTrust Plus-Global Bond Fund匯豐強積金-智選計劃-環球債券基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Guaranteed ReturnChina Life Retire-Easy Guarantee Fund中國人壽強積金集成信託計劃-中國人壽樂休閒保證基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Hong Kong EquitySun Life Rainbow MPF- MPF HK Equity A永明彩虹強積金計劃-永明強積金香港股票基金-ABEST-IN-CLASS
Hong Kong Equity (Index Tracking)BCT (MPF) Pro Choice-BCT (Pro) HS Index TrackingBCT 積金之選-BCT恒指基金OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Hong Kong Equity (Index Tracking)Hang Seng MPF-SuperTrust Plus-HS Index Tracking恒生強積金-智選計劃-恒指基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Hong Kong Equity (Index Tracking)HSBC MPF-SuperTrust Plus-Hang Seng Index Tracking匯豐強積金-智選計劃-恒指基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Japan EquityManulife Global Select MPF-Japan Equity宏利環球精選(強積金) 計劃-宏利MPF日本股票基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Mixed Assets- >20-40% EquityBEA (MPF) MT-BEA (MPF) Stable Fund東亞(強積金)集成信託計劃-東亞(強積金)平穩基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Mixed Assets- >20-40% EquityFidelity Retirement MT-Capital Stable富達退休集成信託-資本穩定基金OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Mixed Assets- >20-40% EquityPrincipal MPF S800-Stable Yield-Class D信安強積金計劃800系列-信安平穩回報基金-D類OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Mixed Assets- >20-40% EquitySun Life Rainbow MPF- MPF Stable A永明彩虹強積金計劃-永明強積金平穩基金-AOUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Mixed Assets >40-60% EquitySun Life Rainbow MPF-MPF Balanced Fund A永明彩虹強積金計劃-永明強積金均衡基金-ABEST-IN-CLASS
Mixed Assets >60-80% EquitySun Life Rainbow MPF- MPF Growth A永明彩虹強積金計劃-永明強積金增長基金-ABEST-IN-CLASS
Mixed Assets >80-100% EquityInvesco Strategic MPF S-Growth-A景順強積金策略計劃-增長基金-ABEST-IN-CLASS
MPF Conservative FundBCOM Joyful Ret MPF-BCOM MPF Conservative Fund交通銀行愉盈退休強積金計劃-交通銀行強積金保守基金BEST-IN-CLASS
RMB & HKD Money MarketBOC-Prudential Easy-Choice MPF RMB & HKD Money Mkt中銀保誠簡易強積金計劃-中銀保誠強積金人民幣及港元貨幣市場基金BEST-IN-CLASS
RMB Fixed IncomeManulife Global Select MPF-RMB Bond宏利環球精選(強積金) 計劃-宏利MPF人民幣債券基金BEST-IN-CLASS
Target MaturityBCT (MPF) Pro Choice-BCT (Pro) SaveEasy 2040BCT 積金之選-BCT儲蓄易2040 基金OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Target MaturityFidelity Retirement MT-Fidelity SaveEasy 2040富達退休集成信託-富達「儲蓄易」2040基金BEST-IN-CLASS
US EquityAIA MPF Prime Value Choice-North American Equity友邦強積金優選計劃-北美股票基金BEST-IN-CLASS
US EquityBOC-Prudential Easy-Choice MPF S-N America Idx Trk中銀保誠簡易強積金計劃-中銀保誠北美指數追蹤基金OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
US EquityHang Seng MPF-SuperTrust Plus-North American Eq恒生強積金-智選計劃-北美股票基金OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
US EquityHSBC MPF-SuperTrust Plus-North American Equity匯豐強積金-智選計劃-北美股票基金OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER

These awards recognize the underlying investment managers of the Hong Kong MPF Schemes in the different asset classes and strategies that have delivered and sustained consistent total portfolio outperformance on an internal rate-of-return basis with a clear, coherent and sustainable methodology.

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Aggressive AllocationPrincipal Hong KongBEST-IN-CLASS
Asia EquityManulife Asset Management (Hong Kong) LimitedBEST-IN-CLASS
Asia Fixed IncomeManulife Asset Management (Hong Kong) LimitedBEST-IN-CLASS
Cautious AllocationPrincipal Hong KongOUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Global Fixed IncomePrincipal Hong KongBEST-IN-CLASS
Global Fixed IncomeThe Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation LimitedOUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Greater China EquityPrincipal Hong KongBEST-IN-CLASS
Greater China EquityThe Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation LimitedOUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Hong Kong EquityPrincipal Hong KongBEST-IN-CLASS

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Brand Of The YearSun Life Hong Kong LimitedBRAND OF THE YEAR
Campaign of the YearSun Life Hong Kong LimitedBEST-IN-CLASS
Employer SupportBCT GroupBEST-IN-CLASS
Intermediary SupportSun Life Hong Kong LimitedBEST-IN-CLASS
Investor EducationBCT GroupBEST-IN-CLASS
Investor EducationPrincipal Hong KongOUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Member ServicingManulife (International) LimitedBEST-IN-CLASS
Member ServicingSun Life Hong Kong LimitedOUTSTANDING ACHIEVER
Most Useful WebsiteBCT GroupBEST-IN-CLASS
Corporate CitizenManulife (International) LimitedBEST-IN-CLASS
Product Due DiligenceBCT GroupBEST-IN-CLASS
Sustainable Investment StrategiesThe Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation LimitedBEST-IN-CLASS
Intermediary of the Year (Independent)Gain Miles MPF Consultants LimitedBEST-IN-CLASS
Intermediary of the Year (Internal)Manulife (International) LimitedBEST-IN-CLASS