House Awards - ETF


These awards recognize ETF providers who endeavor to develop products that help long-term investors achieve diversification, risk management and asset allocation plans.

The categories available this year are:

  • Actively Managed ETF
  •  China A-shares ETF
  •  China Equity ETF
  •  Commodity ETF
  •  Fixed Income ETF
  •  Hedge Fund ETF
  • High Dividend ETF
  • Physical ETF
  • Real Estate ETF
  • Sustainable Investing ETF

At our paper submission portal, please fill the questionnaire, provide details on a flagship fund and attach the documents listed. When answering the questionnaire and providing examples, you can refer to a flagship product that best demonstrates your capability in the category you are competing in.

Your entry will receive two scores:

  • Level I Score: This score is based on your multiple-choice responses. Every answer has a corresponding score and all participants get the same score for the same answer. In that sense, it is an objective score because it is applied uniformly.
  • Level II Score: This score is given by the jurors. It is subjective because it depends on each juror’s interpretation of the information you provided and the jurors’ priorities, which often depend on the family office, bank or investment advisor they serve.

The final score is a weighted combination of Level I and II scores. The ETF with the highest final score in every category will be awarded the Best-in-Class (BIC) title. Up to two other ETFs with scores within 5% below BIC will be awarded Outstanding Achiever titles.