Belinda Hsieh

Belinda Hsieh

Executive Director,

Head of Treasures Investment Product & Advisory,

CBG & Wealth Management

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Belinda Hsieh has over 20 years of diverse experience in the financial services industry. She joined DBS Bank in 2017 and is responsible for Investment Products and Advisory for CBG & Wealth Management. Prior that, she worked in ANZ Banking Group since 2010 and was responsible for overseeing the development, selection and due diligence of Wealth Management Products for distribution to Retail and Private Banking customers in addition to Wealth Advisory. Belinda has substantial years of experience in managing Wealth Management Products in European and US banks through her regional position in Asia and worked as Investment Advisor in the Banking WM sector for several years where she gained solid client experience. She also equipped with in-depth knowledge on mutual funds given her Sales & Marketing role with one of the largest independent Asset Management Company in Australia before returning to North Asia in 1997.