Angel Wu

Senior Vice-President, Regional Head of Products & Solution, Asia

Angel started her career in the financial industry as an equity analyst with Bank of East Asia. She then held similar role at Mees Pierson Securities (Asia) Ltd, and was an investment strategist at Citibank Private Banking HK.

Angel previously held senior positions in Dah Sing Private Banking as the Head of Investment Advisory; and ABN AMRO Private Banking HK as Head of Special Products. She assumed her current position as Regional Head of Products & Solutions in 2010. She is responsible for managing the Investment Strategy & Portfolio Expertise team, the Investment Products team, the Treasury & Special Products & Dealing teams, the Private Lending team, the Investment Counselling teams and the Wealth Structuring and Estate Planning teams.

Angel is a CFA, CFP and FRM and holds a bachelor degree in Economics from Hong Kong University.