Adeline Tan FIA

Adeline Tan FIA

Wealth Business Leader, Hong Kong


Adeline is the Wealth Business Leader for Hong Kong. She joined Mercer in 2014, and have led the investment advisory business before her current role as the leader for the Wealth business, formed from the combination of the Retirement and Investment Consulting business of Mercer.  

Adeline moved to Hong Kong after 10+ years of consulting experience with Watson Wyatt (now Willis Towers Watson), where she worked with large UK pension schemes on the funding and risk management of their liabilities, development of the whole fund solutions often described as OCIO solutions, and co-developed asset liability modelling tools.  She serves on client teams providing fund selection, portfolio construction, risk management and pension matters.  Her experience spans across public pension funds, corporate pension funds and commercial master trusts, and is a frequent speaker at industry events.  

Adeline is a graduate of the Business School at the University of Warwick and is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Actuaries.